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About Us

Marinergy offers turnkey services in Turkey and abroad.

Within the scope of this service, we produce complete solutions tailored to the needs of our customers by supporting all aspects of consultancy, project development, design, engineering, selection and supply of the right equipment, and the construction process.

With the new regulation, it has become possible to install floating PV within the license area of hydroelectric power plants with a regulator or reservoir area, and increases in the efficiency and gains of existing power plants can be seen with this auxiliary resource investment. Installing the secondary source in areas such as dams and reservoirs, ponds or water storage areas provides a great advantage in utilizing idle areas.

We anticipate that floating PVs will support the share of electricity generated from solar energy in the near future with their large installation areas, regulatory support and continuously decreasing costs, and we aim to take part in important projects in Turkey and abroad to contribute to this increase.