Floating platforms

These platforms are designed according to water level variations, wave height, wind speed and water flow. Floating units are better to be of recyclable material.
Floating units material are:
- Not to be toxic
- Resistant to salty environment
- Resistant to UV beams and preferred tobe recyclable
- Resistant to heats between -60 and +80 dgrees celcius
- More than 20 years lifetime and to stand water movements.

Main material of floating units are in generally of HDPE plastics, RC concrete, aluminium and galvanized / stainless steel.

Anchoring systems

Anchoring system refers to a structure to which the floating platform will be fixed. The platform is to be fixed to seabed and/or to the land properly in order to prevent the free movement of it on the water.

PV Modules

They are systems in which PV panels are installed on floating platforms. Panel electricity generation efficiency increases especially with the cooling effect of water. When designing the system, attention should be paid to the location of installation. The higher the PV module power in these systems, the lower the $ / Wp unit cost of the floating platform.

Central Inverters

Central Inverters are used in power with large power. Before the solar panels are connected to the central inverter, they are collected panels for DC protection.Central inverters manage larger panel groups compared to other inverter types.

Combiner Box

In floating solar energy systems. Combiner box provides tracking and recording pf produced energy and other technical information.


Transformer is a system that provides electrical energy transfer between two or more circuits by electromagnetic induction. Transformers are used in alternative circuits. Transformers provide the needed change in voltage and current values without changing the frequency value.


Cables can be defined as necessary infrastructure materials for the system to be sustainable and protected.

Transmission Line

After installing the solar power plant, a connection must be made with energy transmission or transmission lines to the point indicated by the distribution company. Necessary permissions must be obtained from local or national electricty distribution companies for the installation and connection of the transmission line.We provided that necessary permissions are obtained form all official authorities for you.