Anchoring Systems

Anchoring Systems

Floating platforms need a strong anchoring system in order the platform to be fixed at designed location against wind / wave forces, flow of water, water level variations and other external effects.

There are three types of anchors according to the location and properties of water bed:
- Concret block or anchor
- Anchor at shore
- Piled anchors

According to the environmental and physical characteristics of the place where the application will be made, first it is decided what type and/or combination of anchor system should be used and then specified:
- At how many points,
- At what lengths and depths,
- How many anchors and / or how many tons of concrete blocks.
Special anchoring systems are applied in terms of the safety of the floating system, especially in places where the wind, water flow velocity, wave height is high and the seabed soil is weak and in locations with large changes in the water level.

MARINERGY continues its R&D studies to add the following floating energy systems to its services in the coming period, in addition to floating solar power plants:
- Floating Wind Turbines,
- Wave Energy Sytems,
- Floating Power Plants.
Anchoring Systems