Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Marinergy has a deep experience of working for many years in both the marine and submarine and solar sectors. In the light of this experience and with its expert technical staff, it handles every projects technically and produces the most suitable solution. In the evaluation and decision phase, it uses many different technical knowledge, program and engineering knowledge.

General studies
- Offshore Geotechnics Survey
- Bathymetric Surveys
- Single & Multi Beam Bathymetry
- Hydrographic Survey
- Current Surveying
- Tide Measurements
- Side Scan Sonar Surveying
- Subbottom Profiling
- Sea Bed Resistivity Measurements
- Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
- Structural Resistivity Analyses
- Acoustical Calculations
- Fluid Dynamics Analyses
- Hydrodynamic Naval Analyses
- Shore and Port Engineering Implementations
- Modular Barge Designs
- Designing Solar Panels at Rooftop, Ground and Floating Type Systems
- Single Line Diagrams
- Perforamance Analysis
- Solar System Ghosting Calculations